Child CPR Instructions

By | March 4, 2014

NuMask offers three CPR kits: Basic, Hard Case, and Zippered Case. The basic kit includes a CPR IntraOral Mask (IOM®) with one-way filtered valve and instruction guide, packaged in a poly

Adult/Child 1-Rescuer CPR pads and child pads, select the proper pad size for the manikin, and apply the pads to the chest exactly as described by the pad diagrams or AED instructions. 3 Clears victim to analyze Student must show a visible sign of clearing the vic-

ADULT/CHILD MANIKIN INFANT MANIKIN • Use this sheet for instructions on how to assemble your manikins. • Clean the manikin heads before you start CPR BLUE AND TAN INFANT MANKIN PART NUMBERS Uy U Ue U U) Ut) 1 4 LF06202U CPR Prompt CPR Responder Kit

Child and Infant Written Exam CPR and AED Instructions: Read each of the following questions carefully and then place an “X” over the correct answer on the

Changes for child/infant: ask guardian for permission, get Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (signs during CTV: no breathing, no pulse, air goes in) Step 4: Analyze and follow instructions (ie: monitor ABC’s or give CPR)

NEW GUIDELINES FOR CPR FOR PROFESSIONAL RESCUERS OLD NEW Conscious Choking 5 abdominal thrusts – adult/child 5 back blows, (Child or Infant-Give cycles of 15 compression and 2 rescue breaths) AED Available – Adult or child age 1-8 years of age or 55 pounds

child CPR simulation. Figure 6 Figure 4 Figure 5. Figure 7 Adult CPR Set Up: LF06001U CPR Prompt™ Adult/Child Manikin LF06012U CPR Prompt™ Infant Manikin LF06200U CPR Prompt™ Keychain Rescue Aid LF06200U CPR Prompt™ Rescue and Practice Aid.

FIRST AID/CPR AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONSENT FORM Child’s Name_____ Date of Birth_____ I authorize staff in the Cole-Harrington Children’s Center who are trained in the basics of first aid/CPR to give

Coaching for performing infant/child CPR. To practice your skills,a special training pads cartridge CPR Coaching Instructions for adult and infant/child CPR available at user’s option. Shock Delivery Via adhesive pads placed on patient’s bare skin as

CPR Courses For the General Public center will guide you with course instructions). After you have completed the test, you will be monitored while conducting skills practice and testing sessions. This course provides information to child day

Application Instructions Important: CPR Certification (Adult, Infant & Child) Single Subject CPR Certification (Adult, Infant & Child) Education Specialist: Level I* RICA Certificate of Eligibility does not require form CL-777.1

Abuse Reporting Forms (Child Abuse Report Form; Instructions: Temporary/contract/registry employee must read, sign and date the Confidentiality Agreement. CPR/BCLS Card and Professional License and/or Certification. Instructions:

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