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By | March 22, 2014

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As the hype subsides and the media frenzy moves on to the next big thing, the wait begins for the Apple iPad to reach the hands of anxious buyers. Based on the mixed reception the iPad has received it’s anyone’s guess whether or not Apple will have a hit on its hands. In either case, we suspect there will be some interesting consumer behavior caused by the iPad, Here’s our list:

It’s simply amazing that ten years into the digital revolution, Eastman Kodak is trying to figure out what business they are in. For decades Kodak dominated the chemically based photographic process. You shoot a roll of film, and then you physically took the roll to a developer, and made a second trip to pick up the finished prints. Their only competition in the industry was the Japanese company, Fuji. The upstart would just eat away each year at Kodak’s market, but never becoming a real threat to Kodak’s dominance.

A man observes evergreens growing along the roadside and thinks that they look pretty, covered with snow. Another man sees the same trees and thinks, “These trees would look good in people’s living rooms at Christmas. I wonder what they would pay for them?”

Steve Jobs You can copy other person's ideas but not his/her passion. Don't be a copy and discover your own passions. Dr Amit Nagpal Dreams/Vision Great minds have purpose, others have wishes. Backup_of_best of inspirational quotes Author:

Quotes by Steve Jobs SEND YOUR FEEDBACK/ARTICLES TO The Editor The Icfai University Press 6-3-354/1, Stellar Sphinx, Road No. 1, he/she will do what is best for Apple.19 Steve Jobs, Apple, and the Learning Organization Finally, I propose that Steve Jobs has

SOME KEY QUOTES FROM STEVE JOBS From BBC website 7th October 2011 Death is very likely to be the single best invention of life because death is life's

English Language Arts, Grade 6: Steve Jobs’s Stanford Commencement Address 98 UNIT: “It turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. quotes from Jobs’s speech that supported,

3 Hidden Keys to How Steve Jobs “Thought Different” (and steps for you to do the same in your business) I was talking to a business friend the other day and the topic of Apple Computer and Steve Jobs came up

410 Your best business partner: The public library [35 min.] Steve Wozniak eventually spawns Apple II, while Steve Jobs, 615-1 Community CPR [1] [109 min.]

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