CPR College Dorm Checklist

By | April 5, 2014

DOCUMENT CHECKLIST – FIRE FIGHTER 1001-I-II date, or copy of transcript from a junior college or four year university 4 Copy of current CPR Card issued by American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or equivalent

Preparation Checklist Participants are expected to keep their classroom/table area/dorm rooms neat, clean, devoid defense, and CPR/first aid. Athletic attire (sweat/jogging suits, athletic shoes, solid color only

Dorm Room . Food in Dorm Alarm Clock Radio Bottled Water Area Rug Candy Bookcase or Shelf Cereal Clip-on Lamp for Items To Take To College. Study Supplies . Miscellaneous Items Address Book Batteries

Packing Checklist Below is a helpful list of some items to consider packing for your new home away from home! Title: packing checklist.cdr Author: sbaughm Created Date:

College Moving Checklist Acne Cream Adhesive Strips Aspirin Antibiotic Cream Contact Lens Solution Cotton Balls Cotton Swabs Decongestants Eye Glasses Eye Drops for the dorm Bed Linens (sheets / pillowcases) Blanket and/or Comforter Mattress Pad Pillow

The Kings College Room Inspection Checklist Chamberlain Name:_____ Room #:_____ Date: _____ Circle One: Pass More Cleaning Needed

College Campus Security and Safety Checklist Dorm security Yes No Students Yes No Dorm Features __ __ Card swipe __ __ Freshmen only dorms

Occidental College is concerned about the safety and security of all members and guests of the campus community and is committed to providing a safe and CPR and proper use of PR-24 baton The United Educators video “Dorm Fire Safety” and/or “Get Out & Stay Alive” are

Bomb Threat Checklist MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE . University of Hawai`i . January 2006 . EMERGENCY AND CIVIL DEFENSE PROCEDURES . PURPOSE . To provide the necessary guidance to organize and direct Maui Community College’s Student Dorm Manager 242-6920 .

CPR/First Aid Driver’s Education (optional) depending on the student’s skill level. The College Experience The Special Services Occupational Training Program leads the student to a Certificate of Checklist showing technical skills mastered in the chosen discipline. 5/20

Checklist showing technical skills mastered • CPR/First Aid • Driver’s Education (optional) with lab The College Experience The Special Services Occupational Training Program leads the student to a Certificate of

Barriers to College Success nDiminished support system nInadequate self-advocacy skills nCPR nFirst Aid. 5 Program Checklist for Food Service Fall Semester Food Service Program I Dorm Room Checks 3 times weekly.

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