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By | April 8, 2014

DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE. SCHOOL OF NURSING. The CPR course must be taken or sanctioned through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association for Healthcare (no logos, prints, colors). d. Shoes: closed toe, closed heel, clean, all white – without logos, low heeled non- permeable

Music, to computer graphics, to corporate logos. • Anytime you see the letter “c” with a circle around it, the publisher or producer of the material holds a copyright. • CPR mask or micro shield for infection barrier. • CPR guidelines on small plastic card for use by CPR-

Allan Hancock College is a California public community college in northern Santa Barbara County serving more than 11,000 credit students each semester.

JOLIET JUNIOR COLLEGE CPR 100 SUMMER 2012 CLASS SCHEDULE Using American Heart Association Guidelines All classes will be held on JJC’s Main Campus.

CPR Certification . CPR Certification Required for Our Programs is the Healthcare Provider w/AED affiliated with the American Heart Association

Rev 11/09/cc STUDENT RESOURCES FOR CPR CERTIFICATION (Healthcare Provider is the required card) Effective Spring 2010 we will not accept any other CPR Card than the Healthcare

ATLANTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE AHA TRAINING CENTER 2010 SCHEDULE February 2011 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 AED/CPR

HINDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE ASSOCIATE DEGREE RESPIRATORY CARE PROGRAM (ex. No contrasting piping, no team logos, no cargo pants.) The top can be tunic style or tucked in limited to CPR requirements, background requirements and health record packet.

Navarro College Police Academy CPR FEE 5.00 TOTAL TUITION & FEES $ 1875.00 Tuition Black shorts or sweat pants (no logos or emblems), White Academy T-shirt Workout shoes,

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA OR TRANSCRIPT. the brand logos, which is acceptable but shoes should be predominantly white in color.) CPR Certification

I am a STUDENT at a college/university 11. Do you have CPR certifi cation? examination questions, certifi cation names/acronyms and logos are protected under U.S. copyright law and, as such, willful infringement of the copyright is

Phoenix College – Dental Building • photocopy of a valid CPR certificate • photocopy of a valid DH license, or proof of graduation from an accredited school Microsoft Word – Logos Brochure Online Spring 2010.pdf.doc Author: dirichardson Created Date:

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