CPR Degree Xtra Herbicide

By | April 18, 2014

Low Herbicide Supply..10 North Dakota SLN Label Issued for Broadaxe pest managers can use four 180-degree sweeps with a 15-inch sweep net, which is equivalent to the number of adult (Helix Xtra) or clothianidin (Prosper FX)

degree Rankine CEL degree Celsius E98 degree Celsius per kelvin F02 kelvin per kelvin F10 kelvin per hour F11 kelvin per minute F12 kelvin per second F60 degree Celsius per bar F61 kelvin per bar FAH degree Fahrenheit H12 degree Celsius per hour H13

POST Applications Figure 2. Labeled POST tank mix partners for Degree Xtra®, Harness® Xtra, and Harness® Xtra 5.6L Tank Mix Herbicide Tank Mix Rate Corn Height Weed Height Additives Notes

Herbicide Prices Trade Name Average Cost Rate Range Price Range ($/lb ai or ae) (lb ai or ae/Acre) ($/Acre Broadcast) 2,4-D, generic $3.30 0.125 – 2.000 $0.41 – $6.60 Degree Xtra $8.40 1.500 – 4.300 $12.60 – $36.12 Des $66.60 0.080 – 1.220 $5.33 – $81.25

MONSANTO COMPANY Page: 1 / 12 Degree Xtra® Herbicide Version: 2.0 Effective date: 02/18/2014 MONSANTO COMPANY Safety Data Sheet Commercial Product

Degree Xtra® herbicide is an encapsulated herbicide for weed control in Field Corn, Production Seed Corn, Silage Corn and Popcorn. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING

Xtra 5.6L, and TripleFLEX™ Herbicide provide control of grasses and small seeded broadleaves, prior to weed emergence. These herbicides can be applied pre-emergence (PRE) or post-emergence

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