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Objective – To present a series of evidence-based, consensus guidelines for veterinary CPR in dogs and cats. Design – Standardized, systematic evaluation of the literature, categorization of relevant articles according to

Active Compression-Decompression CPRImproves Vital Organ Perfusion in a DogModelof Ventricular Fibrillation* MarkW. Chang, M.D.; Paul Coffeen, M.D.; Keith G. Lurie, In four dogs, S-CPR was performedfirst, andinfourdogs,ACD-CPRwasperformedfirst. Epinephrine wasadministered usingaprotocol

Again, thank you for contacting CANINE PET RESCUE with your interest to adopt one of our very special dogs. A CANINE PET RESCUE representative will be in touch with you. Microsoft Word – CPR Adopter Info Final Draft 090110 _2_.doc Author:

3333 Overview Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, Inc. is an all volunteer, non-profit, professional canine search and rescue organization established in 1980.

Saving your pet with CPR With increasingly being treated a the rescue breaths. Animal size Compres Compress breath ot air inch inches inches rt compressions if no pulse Microsoft Word – CPR Chart on dogs.doc Author:

Providing First Aid & Handling Emergencies: First Aid for Choking, Rescue Breathing, And CPR Chapter 35, Lesson 3 Target Group: 8th grade students

Artificial Respiration and CPR for Dogs Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff If your dog becomes unconscious, respiratory arrest may occur, and usually occurs before cardiac arrest.

Choking: Using the Heimlich Maneuver in Dogs Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff If your dog can be lifted If your dog is too heavy to lift & is conscious

946 Air Trapping in the Lungs During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Dogs A Mechanism for Generating Changes in Intrathoracic Pressure Henry R. Halperin, Roy Brower, Myron L. Weisfeldt, Joshua E. Tsitlik, Nisha Chandra,

Tell participants that specific information on CPR for small dogs and giant dogs can be found on pages 36 to 38 in Dog First Aid. Refer participants to the comparison chart on page 40 of Dog First Aid that shows the

Carolina Poodle Rescue Review February 2012 VOLUME 7, NUMBER 3 QUICK LINKS: CPR Website| Available Dogs | CPR Newsletter Archives "One by One Until There are None.”

EMERGENCY CARE OF THE PD VERSION 2003 -PAGE 4 • Generally rewards are stronger motiva tors than punishment COMMON DISEASES OF DOGS 1.

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