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By | May 2, 2014

BURNS First Degree Burn Second Degree Burn Third Degree Burn First Degree THE END HEALTH CENTRE CFCL GADEPAN DR A.MALIK Emergency First Aid and CPR FIRST AID PROCEDURES COVERED Bleeding/Shock/Minor injuries Burn Care Neck and Back Injuries Heat Exhaustion/Heat Stroke

CPR basic first aid, including pressure points for bleeding There is a first-degree (reddened skin) or second-degree (reddened with blisters) burn. 7. There is a third-degree (charred or destroyed skin or a large area affected) burn. 8.

first-, second-, and third-degree burns. first-degree burns signs: Redness of skin, pain, and mild swelling. Patches of first- and second-degree burns often surround third-degree burns. treatment: Cover burn lightly with sterile gauze or clean cloth. (Do not use material that can leave lint

EDocAmerica Health Tip: First Aid for Burns any other topic or question you have! Rings, bracelets, and other potentially compress on the burn for several minutes.

First Aid for First-Degree Burns What is a first-degree burn? A first-degree burn, the least serious type of burn, is one in which the top layer of skin has been burned slightly.

Diane Makovsky How Are Burns Treated? Since first- and second-degree burns are the least extreme classes of burn, they may only need first-aid treatment with topical creams designed to reduce inflammation and pain.

A third-degree burn is a burn that destroys the surface of the skin and the tissue beneath. Symptoms include: Gray, black or charred skin Blistering around the edges

Emergency – CPR – AED Puncture – First Degree Burn – Second Degree Burn – Third Degree Burn – Fracture – Sprain – Strain – R.I.C.E. – Anatomic Splint – Soft Splint – Ground Splint – Rigid Splint – Dressing – Bandage – Stroke – Fainting – Diabetic

This type of burn should be treated just as a 1st degree burn but because the damage to the skin is more extensive, All Healthcare Provider BLS students must know adult, child and infant cpr. You must know advanced first aid.

CPR/First Aid Mrs. Gennaro Chain of Continue to apply pressure until help arrives First Aid for Burns Cool the burn area by hold it and further damage to skin Cover burn loosely with a sterile gauze bandage Some second degree burns and all third-degree burns require immediate medical

Burns Definition There are three levels of burns: First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of the skin. They cause pain, redness, and swelling.

First aid and burn treatment •Stop burning process and remove the victim from place of accident •Check patency of airways and if any foreign bodies we

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