CPR First Degree Burns

By | May 2, 2014

The supplies are for simple office-type injuries – Cuts, scraps, burns, foreign objects in the eyes etc. Burns: First Degree Burn: A first degree burn results in minor redness of the skin. General Guidance: Learn CPR – if you are interested in learning CPR,

Treatment for minor burns – first and second degree burns no larger than 3 inches in diameter Treatment for burns depends on the type, severity and size. breathing, being CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately. 4. If responsive and breathing,

Classification of Burns . First Degree: Epidermis (Superficial) Outer layer of skin only . Second Degree: Epidermis and dermis I am going to show this diagram but if you would like to see the actual pictures, they can be found on the mayo clinic website . Tissue damage is evident;

Study the following pictures of burns and group them into one of the following three categories: first, second, or third degree burns. You have two minutes to complete this exercise. Of the following pictures that will be shown to you,

Some first-degree burns, such as extensive sunburns, also cause restlessness, headaches, and fever. How is it treated? For a burn caused by heat, follow these steps:

MWS 9 “Burns and First Aid Kit” MWS 10 “Burns Flowchart” Pictures of First-, * Degree of Burn First Degree Burn Second Degree Burn Third Degree Burn Epidermis Dermis Hypodermis * Burns – Degrees of Burns First-degree burn Only the top layer of skin is The skin is only mildly

BURNS Degree of Burns Third Painless White colour Sur ical Degree tom Healin First Severe Pain Erythema S ontaneous Sup Mild Pain Blister Formation S ontaneous Deep Painless White colour Sur ical AE Pictures were taken at the Burn & Plastic Surgery Center',

FIRST AID FOR BURNS First Aid for Minor Burns: (First-Degree) 1. If the skin is not broken, open the airway and if necessary begin CPR. • If the victim is breathing, cover the burn with a cool moist sterile bandage or clean cloth. DO

First degree burns should feel better within a day or two. They should heal in about a week if there are no other problems. Monitor for breathing and pulse (see "CPR"). and shock (see "Shock".) Remove clothing, but only if it doesn't stick to burned area. Cut unstuck clothing away.

Begin CPR. IMPORTANT: only a trained & qualified person should administer CPR. Remember, In Any Emergency Dial 911 Basic First Aid Treatment for First Degree & Some Second Degree Burns: zSubmerge burn area immediately in cool water until pain stops. zIf affected area is large,

TREATMENT OF 1ST & 2ND DEGREE BURNS Source: American Heart Association. Heartsaver First Aid with CPR & AED

Minor (heat/thermal) burns or scalds (superficial, or first-degree) _____ Bites and stings of insects Explain the steps (procedures) in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)._____ 2. Do the following: (a) Explain how you would

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