CPR First Degree Heart Block

By | May 2, 2014

FIRST DEGREE HEART BLOCK VENTRICULAR RATE/RHYTHM 68 BPM/REGULAR ATRIAL RATE/RHYTHM 68 BPM/REGULAR PR When VF is present, CPR can provide a small amount of blood flow to the heart and brain but cannot directly restore an organized rhythm

Florida Heart CPR* Telemetry. First-degree heart blocks are characterized by P to R intervals longer than 0.20 second and all of the P waves are followed by QRS complexes. Treatment for first-degree heart block is usually unnecessary when it occurs without symptoms.

♦ First degree heart block ♦ Second degree heart block, type I ♦ Second degree heart block, type II ♦ Third/Complete heart block ♦ Premature ventricular contraction (PVC) ♦ Ventricular tachycardia ♦ Ventricular fibrillation

First-Degree AV Block • All components of the ECG tracing • EKG shows two or more normal beats with by QRS. • When there is a PQRS- they are together – unlike 3rd degree heart block on the next page • Syllabus pg 89 shows wide QRS because one bundle branch is completely blocked

Not measured QRS less than .12 seconds First Degree Heart Block AV Node holds each Sinus impulse longer Regularity will depend on underlying rhythm Only a straight line EKG 2 Normal Sinus Rhythm Sinus Node is the Pacemaker Rate 60-100 bpm R-R intervals constant; rhythm regular Rate

12.First degree AV block, second degree AV block (Mobitz Type I or Wenckebach, Wenckebach-type second-degree AV block (b) Complete heart block MS3 EKG Course Author: Joe M. Moody, Jr. MD Created Date:

The Heart Beat and the EKG • Regular sinus rhythm : no rhythmic disturbances • Sinus tachychardia : increased rhythm ( HR > 100/min) • First degree heart (AV) block • increased PR interval • Second degree heart (AV) block

Asystole may also follow a third degree heart block. Treatment of asystole is the same as PEA. Oxygen first* 2. CPR if HR is < 60 bpm 3. Epinephrine 0.01 mg/kg IV/IO (1:10,000; 0.1 ml/kg) is the first drug of choice for bradycardia in children.*

Call EMS Caregivers should know CPR ICD resources Pacemaker Used to pace the heart when the normal and has a first-degree heart block warfarin + TEE Ablation, Maze AV Conduction Blocks Arrhythmias of AV Node First Degree AV Block Transmission through AV node

Call code and start CPR » Defibrillate . Ventricular Rhythms Ventricular Fibrillation Heart Rate Rhythm P Wave PR Interval (sec.) QRS Heart Block First Degree Heart Block Heart Rate Rhythm P Wave PR Interval (sec.) QRS (Sec.) Norm. Regular Before each QRS, Identical

First degree AV block Second degree AV block Third degree (complete) Questions for 1st degree heart block will appear in the next 2 sections, don’t worry. would you perform CPR? 1. Yes,

First degree heart block Second degree heart block (Mobitz type I,II) Third degree heart block. Postoperative Cardiac Arrhythmias 4.CPR for 2 min. 5.Adrenaline 10 mcg/kg iv/io every 2 loops 6.Give a shock 4J/kg 7.CPR for 2 min. 8.Amiodarone 5 mg/kg iv/io .

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