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By | May 4, 2014

The Franklin Pierce Difference of interest such as first aid and CPR • Participate in sports or intramurals Manager, City Recreation Director, College Athletic Business Manager, Conference Orga-nizer, Coordinator of Intramurals, Corporate

First Aid and CPR certified. For many years she was a camp counselor and enjoyed hiking hear camp. He realized this dream at Franklin College in Indiana on an athletic/academic scholarship. After moving to Butte in 1970,

Franklin Community High School Douglas A. Harter, Principal McClure earned his B.A. in Health and Physical Education from Franklin College, and his M.S. in Secondary Education from Indiana University. Principal

FRANKLIN COLLEGE Education Department LESSON PLAN Student Name Tyler Huls Lesson Plan No.1 Cooperating Teacher Name Karen Kegerreis Subject Area Reading Grade Level K

At Franklin College, a small residential 4-year liberal arts col-lege in Indiana, expressed interest in a surefire way for students returning late at night to the newly opened outlying parking lots to communicate instantly with campus security in an emergen-

(1) Would you like to make the most of your teacher recruitment dollar? If you’re with an out-of-state school district, you may appreciate knowing that the Indiana University

FRANKLIN COLLEGE Education Department LESSON PLAN Student Name: Amanda McCormick Lesson Plan No : 2 Cooperating Teacher Name: Katie Bright Subject Area: Math Grade Level: 3

Kaplan College (Branch of Franklin Mills) 801 Linn Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 Indiana 46324 Kaplan College (Main Campus) 6180 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, physiology, human behavior and communications, medical emergencies, including first aid and CPR, and safety in the medical

The ability to perform CPR; but the program does not contain all of the prevention and recognition material within the guidelines established by the American Heart Association. During the program, if issuance of a CPR card is desirable or required,

Indiana Wesleyan University Aid/CPR/AED 2 Franklin County Chapter 318 Washington Street Office Phone 800-733-2767 American Red Cross Safety 9am – 3pm 13 Louisville,KY Jefferson Co. Elizabethtown Community College 610 College Street Rd

Franklin County Campus B.A., Salem College; M.A., Wake Forest University Andrews, Indiana State University Fisher, Robinette (CPR) Instructor; N.C. Fire Instructor; N.C. Department of Justice Instructor; N.C. Fire Inspector

INDIANA SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING ASSOCIATION JOB MATCHING SERVICE Company Franklin Township Community School Corporation Position Speech-Language Pathologist, Full-time Needed Location 6060 N. College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 Contact

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