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By | June 7, 2014

Some jobs need only months of training, A babysitting or CPR class at the Red Cross Volunteer at a local hospital Visit elderly friends/family members in nursing Kaiser Permanente Northwest is committed to helping students in

BRIEF PROFILES OF 20 KAISER PERMANENTE DELORAS JONES RN SCHOLARSHIPS RECIPIENTS Iliana Andrade aspires to work as a Labor and Delivery nurse. She’s a UCLA nursing student who

KAISER PERMANENTE FOUNDATION HOSPITALS, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PERMANENTE MEDICAL GROUP, KAISER FOUNDATION HEALTH PLAN AND succeeding jobs to which she/he may be upgraded for which the standard hourly wage rate is less than the red circle rate.

1 Kaiser – USW, Local 7600 LABOR – MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT BETWEEN Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Programs And United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing,

We, at Kaiser Permanente, are pleased to welcome your application for our KP LAUNCH* High School Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). care and health care support jobs available, and many students who have participated in the SYEP have

Kaiser On-the-Job IDENTIFICATION OF EMPLOYER JOB TASKS Employer _____ P E C A A A A A H H For all remaining questions, please check the most appropriate answer. Seldom implies less than several times per day, JOBS WITH HEAVY PHYSICAL EXERTION

Kaiser Permanente in 2010. This agreement was possible because members stuck together with a message of “Our Patients Are Worth It“, jobs or job titles for the purpose of excluding such employees from the unit established in this

Kaiser Permanente 5,000 jobs Sharp Grossmon Hospital 3,000 jobs Industry Sector 2011 Jobs 2014 Jobs Change % Change # of Establishments Navigational, first aid CPR, American Heart Association certificate, project management certification,

1 VARIED CPR, cert as an aquatic instructor w/national 2281 certifying organization, previous exp as an instructor & excellent computer skills req. 3073 SABAN CENTER Per Diem Monday, January 07, 2013

Kaiser Permanente San Diego (619) 528-5191. Research Associates Program . UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/jobs-and-volunteer.asp Sharp Healthcare Provider CPR (800) 827-4277 or (619)

Kathy Mason–Kaiser Permanente; Brennan Ott–Ensign Drilling Sfty Spec–ThermaSource-Geothermal-Wstrn US http://www.thermasource.com/about/jobs/safety fork lift, ATV, CPR/FA/AED; Food sfty pref. Rprt to pres/interact w/staff. isabel@delanofarms.com Chevron–Bksfld-Contr

Include CPR, Computer Skills, and Medical , Jobs for the Future, and the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. Jim Simpson Executive Director, Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions. I have been a CNA at All Saints Sub Acute and Rehab

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