CPR Mask

By | June 12, 2014

A CPR mask, when giving rescue breaths. This will minimize your exposure to infectious disease. Before using a mask to give rescue breaths, quickly inspect it to make sure the one-way valve is in place. When giving rescue breaths, avoid blowing too hard or too long.

CPR Mouth to Mask Resuscitator ORDERING INFORMATION L62183 Face Mask with one-way valve and filter, 12/case L64184 Face Mask with one-way valve and filter in hard white case, 12/case

CPR barrier keychain w/gloves. 19121-0000. $7.00. miniKey CPR barrier keychain. 73117-0000. $3.25. CPR Pocket Mask. 19193-0000. $10.95. Author: Stephanie Groover Created Date: 01/31/2013 08:31:00 Last modified by:

CPR, AED, and FIRST AID FULL COURSE $10 Keychain w/mouthpiece $15 pocket mask FIRST AID Basic First Aid is an important life skill, no matter what you do for work. Learn how to care for bleeding injuries, diabetic

Mask for Adults to Infants 01RB2020-cs Revive Aid®CPR Device in nylon keychain/belt pouch c/w gloves (cs/50) (Available in Red, Black and Blue) NOTE: All devices shown are for emergency use only by persons trained in CPR and in the use of these types of devices.

Contents: Keychain pouch, CPR-Aid Compact™ Rescuer resuscitator, antiseptic towelettes, and disposable gloves. Contents: Nylon waist pouch, CPR-Aid Compact™ mask, antiseptic/hygiene towelettes, and disposable gloves. Guedel Style Disposable Airway Device

To receive a FREE CPR Keychain Mask (8156). Visit sja.ca/bc/locations for a location near you and hours of operation. —Congratulations [unknown User] on completing. Title: 1 Created Date:

6515-01-386-4436 AE-6000 Armstrong CPR mask Mask, face, cardiopulmonary resus. 57794 6515-01-297-4351 AE-6700 Adult bag mask Tube, airway, resuscitator 57794 6515-01-375-0165 AE-6713 Toddler mask Mask, oronasal 57794

1 GF91101-INS-LABRevA07 2 3 4 GF91101 CPR PoCket Mask ResusCitatoR useR instRuCtions Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

WWW.WASIP.COM 125 FIRST AID TOLL FREE:1.800.268.3572 I LOCAL:416.297.5020 FIRST AID – CPR & MASKS Manual Resuscitator Kit This portable bag valve mask resuscitator is designed to provide immediate

Performing CPR without a resuscitation mask and gloves may put the rescuer at risk for exposure to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis or HIV. A trained person may hesitate to perform CPR, if protective equipment is not available.

CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer ASHI Basic Life Support © 2008 American Safety & Health Institute (3/08) Adult, Child and Infant BLS Exam Instructions: Read c. Bag-valve-mask device. d. Jaw thrust without head-tilt. 11.

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