CPR Second Degree Burn

By | June 29, 2014

First Degree Burn Second Degree Burn Third Degree Burn First Degree Burn Cause: overexposure to sun Light contact with hot objects Scalding by hot water or steam Signs of First Degree Burns Erythema Mild Swelling & Pain Rapid Healing First Aid:

How to perform CPR. Ways to help a person who is choking. How to stop severe bleeding. Treating burns. Treatments for poisoning, fractures, First-degree burn: A burn in which only the outer layer of skin is burned and turns red Second-degree burn:

Treatment of Cuts (Including Cleaning Second-Degree Burn. Second-degree burns affect the upper layers of the skin. Circulation – Verify the victim’s pulse, and start CPR if needed. Rest and Reassurance. Reassure the victim and make sure he/she rests.

(fire), moist heat (steam, hot liquids), electricity, chemicals, and radiation (i.e., sunlight). Treatment for burns depends on: The depth of the burn (whether it is first (see "CPR"). and shock Is the burn a second degree burn that has affected more than the outer skin

Burn TREATMENT and After Burn Care First degree burns Second degree burns – deep burn with red or mottled appearance; blisters; considerable pain and swelling; If pulse is not present, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

& Scissors Burn Gel & Spray Antibiotic Ointment Eye/Skin Buffer/Flushing Solution Ice Pack Nitrile Gloves CPR Mask General Guidance for Injuries No ice or ointments!) Second Degree Burn minor redness of the skin. Treatment for a first degree burn is to run cold water

Second Degree Burn:Skin will appear red, blistered and swollen. Usually very painful. REQUIRES MEDICALATTENTION Basic First Aid Treatment for First Degree & Some Second Degree Burns: zSubmerge burn area immediately in cool water until pain stops. zIf perform CPR. IMPORTANT: only a

New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services First Aid Observation Sheet First Aid (cont 2) Burns • • First Degree Burn: Skin will appear red and may be

Begin CPR. IMPORTANT: only a trained & qualified person should administer CPR. Remember, In Any Emergency Dial 911 Second Degree Burns: zSubmerge burn area immediately in cool water until pain stops. zIf affected area is large,

Perform CPR as necessary and the burn area —these will retain heat, increasing the damage to the skin. If nt First and second degree burns smaller than the person’s palm can usually be treated at home. Keep the area clean to prevent infection by gently

RESUSCITATION: CPR – EMERGENCY} (SODF: ISS MED: EMERGENCY). If unconscious, insert airway and provide ventilatory support as may resemble second degree burn. BURNS (ISS MED/3A – ALL/FIN) Page 3 of 5 pages 21 AUG 00 4018.burns.doc 6. Estimate area of burn – (% of body surface area)

Second degree burn; First degree burn; Third degree burn Considerations If necessary, begin rescue breathing and CPR. 5. Cover the burn area with a dry sterile bandage (if available) or clean cloth. A sheet will do if the burned area is large. DO NOT apply any ointments.

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