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By | May 9, 2015

Emergency First Aid Test 1. When sending a bystander to call 911/EMS for medical assistance, you should: a) Be very specific when identifying the person to make the call

Adult, Child & Infant Standard First Aid, CPR and AED First Aid is the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person until competent medical

First Aid Grade Level 3,4,5,6 Description: This lesson plan teaches children about the contents of a First Aid Kit and each item’s use. Goals: The goal of this lesson is to have students demonstrate their ability to

Apply (Senior) First Aid Certificate Delivery and Assessment Guide HLTFA301B – Apply first aid HLTCPR201A – Perform CPR HLTFA201A – Provide basic emergency life support

The purpose of this list is to provide assistance in locating service providers (“agencies”) for Occupational First Aid training needs, in accordance with

Community Emergency Response Team Participant Manual. PowerPoint slides 3-0 through 3-27 Other resources If time permits, the 23-minute video, CERT Triage: Handling Mass Poll the group to see how many have taken first aid courses. Explain that all CERT participants are encouraged to

MEDIC SOLO Disaster + Wilderness Medical School Please forward to groups, clubs, scouts, friends, etc. Thanks! how to Register in an: · urban disaster (natural or terrorist)

1 of 2 FIRST AID CERTIFICATIONS * for NYS Children’s Camp Staff Fact Sheet – January 2007 Revised Subpart 7-2 of the State Sanitary Code requires the health director, other staff specified in section 7-2.8, and

First Aid certifications are valid for the time period specified by the provider, but may not exceed three years from the date of course completion. \Sections\Community Health\FACTSHTS\CERT_PAK\Cert Pack 2014\First Aid 2014.doc . Title: FIRST AID CERTIFICATIONS *

To examine the psychological impact of a disaster on survivors and rescuers To discuss how to provide psychological first aid To discuss what CERT members can do individually and as part of a CERT The Purpose of Unit 7 PM 12-1 CERT Basic Train-the-Trainer:

1 visual 3.1 wemat/cert first aid wwhat does wemat/cert do ? rescue victims triage (sort) degree of injury for later treatment perform first aid within

Please Note: The Director of First Aid or Nurse shall not serve as the Camp Director. A. The Director of First Aid must be 21 years of age or older; B. American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED To find an American Red Cross (ARC)

Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid Field Guide Certification card and optional wall certificate (or as required by legislation) Red Cross First Aid. The Experience to Make a Difference. | 1.877.356.3226. Created Date:

CLUSTER: LAW, PUBLIC SAFETY with American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid with American Red Cross or American Heart Association AED Certified Instructor with American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid Certified CERT Instructor CERT (Community Emergency Response

On March 12-14, 2004, the American Red Cross (ARC) Riverside County Chapter con-ducted their 2nd Annual Disaster Training Mini Institute in Hemet, California. Future CERT First Aid / CPR Classes Volume 3, Issue 1 Page 3 There will be additional American Heart Association

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