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By | November 18, 2013
Pictures of Free CPR Training Ottawa

Aug 2008 Newsletter – Ottawa Tribe
Red Cross First Aid and CPR training free of charge to par-ticipating directors and teachers in centers and homes. For more information on conference or evening events feel free to call the Ottawa Tribe Environmental Department staff at 918-542-7259

Red Cross Babysitting Course – Babysitting Course For Kids
Is your child considering a babysitting job? If so, she might want to enroll in a babysitting course to get the training she needs.

Pictures of Free CPR Training Ottawa

Ottawa – Canadian Red Cross First Aid And CPR Training In Canada
Ottawa First Aid is the front runner in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training in Ottawa. since 2011, Ottawa First Aid has been giving students in Ottawa high quality training programs for very affordable rates and flexible schedules.

Pictures of Free CPR Training Ottawa

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Preparation And High School Credits
FREE on-site childcare for eligible Prepare to enter Personal Support Worker training programs Learn health care vocabulary Learn about anatomy, common diseases, and First Aid and CPR certification offered Food Handler’s certification offered Call 613 239-5951 to register

Teach Kids CPR – They Might Save Your Life
Kids can learn CPR. They might not be big enough to do the skills well, but they can certainly learn the steps. Researchers in Austria tested kids aged 9 to

Only You Can Prevent Bad CPR Training – First Aid
Great Blog and especially great article. As someone who runs an honest first aid and cpr training business in Ottawa, I was happy to see that the Citizen exposed this guy.

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